How I Became Happy!

Matt East, Gold Coast

Matt's an inspiration! He took massive responsibility for his health, well-being and his relationships!


I Was Sick Of Being Stuck!

Dan Levy, Sydney

Dan's courage, his persistence and his amazing drive led him to move well beyond the limitations of his environment!


How I Saved My Relationship!

Dougie Misipeka, Brisbane

My relationship was in trouble, we weren't talking and I wasn't very happy. I pushed my wife and kids away and i really didn't want to talk to anyone. I was very successful and didn't believe anyone could help.

After attending Emotion Academy, I found a way to be happy! It changed my life and my entire relationship with my whole family. Not just withmy partner. The good thing is, I can share my feelings more now than I ever did before.

Now I feel incredible. Its been years since I attended and when things around me are very stressful I just relax. I have no way of explaining to you how important it is to stop and work on yourself.

At the end of the course I went home as soon as I could and explained to my wife how I had learned how to listen to people and  how much she means to me, so now I listen all the time.


I Was Really Shy!

Ying Ying, China

I used to feel really unhappy. Life was quite lonely without a partner especially on Friday Night when everybody is hanging out. I just had nobody to share my life with. When my last relationship broke up, it was really painful for me, so I sabotaged myself from having another relationship

After Emotion Academy I realised, that I was using my analytical side way too much and how much it blocks my emotion of feeling the fun and feeling all the better emotions in my life. I was finally able to truly connect with others. I love my life now.

It’s now been a few years since I attended Emotion Academy and life is awesome. I’m married now! Yay! He’s even attractive and sexy and we are truly able to connect with each other and we’re happy together. I have someone I really like to spend my spare time with

Ultimately instead of overthinking all the time, I learned how to use my emotions to connect with others and to communicate with others and to feel that true happiness.


I Almost Lost My Relationship After 12 Years!

Paul Maniphonh, Melbourne

“Before I found Emotion Academy, I’d been in an intimate relationship for 12 years and we’d been going through some very tough times. I couldn’t connect with my partner emotionally. I was so scared of being vulnerable to open myself up. My relationship was on the line and I had to do something significant.

After attending Emotion Academy, I’ve learnt how to no longer scared and can connect emotionally, not only with my partner, but with all the people in my life! I’ve never felt so happy. I’m excited, I have passion now and I even have fun! My relationship is now, WOW! (No Words).

Emotion Academy was the best thing I’ve ever done for myself and my Relationship! I’m so grateful for the whole team that helped me and I’m looking forward to the next 20 years of my life!


I Was Overthinking All The Time!

Dustin Williams, USA

So many people these days get stuck overthinking.

Being able to turn this addictive thinking off and truly feel emotion can totally change and significantly impact not only the fulfilment of someone’s life but their entire relationship with themselves and others.

Dustin shares his journey in a truly heartfelt video.


I Didn't Believe In Myself!

Adam Hansen, Brisbane

Adam Hansen (The Brick) didn't believe in himself and and let his fears stop him from playing life-changing music for people who were sad, upset and needed to know they weren't alone. He finds a way to appreciate himself, love himself and finally play his music in front of people. But let’s let him tell the story….

Angel is an amazing soul! She was in a relationship for most of her life, then after 37 years she suddenly found herself single. Now her new life is just beginning.


I Felt Like I'd Lost Direction!

Angel Bradshaw, Gold Coast

Angel is an amazing soul! She was in a relationship for most of her life, then after 37 years she suddenly found herself single. Now her new life is just beginning.

But let’s let her tell the story….