I’m Not Angry Anymore

Do you get irritated or angry when things don’t go the way you’d like or expect, whether it’s at home, at work, with your health or day to day living? Have you ever snapped at your loved ones in a moment of anger, immediately feeling guilty about it afterwards? Ever started a fight with your partner for no reason, or forgot why you were arguing half way through, but you just kept going anyway? Do you blame others for the situations you find yourself in?

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I Was Always Stressed Out

These days you will often find me speaking to large groups of people at meet-ups, webinars, hangouts and sometimes from stage. It is something I really enjoy and love to do, but in the very beginning, before I even had a business, it was a challenge. A long time ago, I used to plan events in the hospitality industry and I would get stressed out over every little detail. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect and that it ran smoothly.

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I Used To Put Everyone Else First

When I was little, I used to hate it when my parents would argue or when my friends didn’t get along. I would take it upon myself to make them feel better, or find a way to try and “fix” the situation. My teachers said I was a “sensitive soul” who often took on other people’s feelings as my own. I kept on doing this throughout my life, and in the beginning it seemed to work for me,

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Feeling Out Of Control?

When I was younger, it felt really important for me to feel in control all the time. I didn’t like uncertainty or when things did not go to plan. And definitely do not surprise me for my birthday! I used to plan my day minute by minute. I literally had a schedule for the day where I would schedule the time to get things done, but also all the little things like brushing my teeth and getting dressed or cleaning up.

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Stop Wasting Time

Are you usually late or punctual? Do you deliver your tasks for the day on time? Are you able to accomplish everything that you need to accomplish? Do you have an achievable to-do list or an never-ending list? Do you get stressed easily and overwhelmed by all that you feel you need to do?

I used to feel like I was wasting so much time. I had so much to do and never enough time to do it in.

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Stop Being A Perfectionist!

Do you tend to imagine the best case scenario of who you can be? Do you picture having the ideal engaging conversation with a friend or on a date, being the perfect, considerate and understanding parent? What about successfully completing a project or improving your interactions with a boss or colleague at work? Perhaps you imagine going to the gym everyday and working out easily and effortlessly?

But then there are those times when reality doesn’t match up to the scenario in your mind.

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How To Make Un-Fun Things Fun

I used to think that celebrating was only for birthdays, weddings, engagements, births and so on. Until I discovered that celebrating the little things everyday was important, I didn’t just start feeling more positive emotions, I started to get more done, and started enjoying doing things I used to hate!!! It was incredible, like a secret weapon to productivity.

The feeling of celebrating is an emotion that many people save for certain times in their life.

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Under Too Much Pressure?

Most people have felt the pressure at one time or another, to conform to what others think, or to do better, be better. It might be an external pressure, or internal pressure, either way it can make the little things in life harder to do.

Life can be difficult enough as it is. We have pressure to grow up, on how to dress to fit in (or to stand out), what to say (or not say),

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