Stop Worrying So Much

I used to worry about every little thing, and I filled my brain with so many thoughts that I couldn’t distinguish between what was important and what wasn’t. As a result, decision making was a real challenge and sometimes I would spend so much energy agonising of something as simple as what to order on the menu. Have you ever done this before? Do you struggle to make decisions in your daily life, or feel like you’ve got so much going on in your mind that you don’t know which things have priority over others?

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Stop Being A Perfectionist!

Do you tend to imagine the best case scenario of who you can be? Do you picture having the ideal engaging conversation with a friend or on a date, being the perfect, considerate and understanding parent? What about successfully completing a project or improving your interactions with a boss or colleague at work? Perhaps you imagine going to the gym everyday and working out easily and effortlessly?

But then there are those times when reality doesn’t match up to the scenario in your mind.

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I Used To Push People Away

Do you protect yourself by keeping a safe distance from people or pushing them away? Have you noticed that you tend to have your guard up when meeting new people and you want to feel more at ease? Do you want to have deeper and more meaningful connections with people, but you’re holding yourself back? Do you want to let people in and increase the quality of connections you make, whether it’s with your friends,

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Stop Overthinking Everything!

We face problems everyday; small things like “What if I’m late for work?” “Can I have a  burger for lunch today, or should I stick to a salad?”, but we also face more prominent issues like “What if I don’t like my new job?” or “What if I don’t have enough money for bills?”.

There is uncertainty in life all the time. Things are changing and you’re not always going to be sure what will happen next.

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How To Stop Overwhelm

Life is busy. There’s so much to do. Go to work, pay the bills, catch up with family and friends, plan ahead, not to mention all the apps on our phones with notifications every few minutes letting us know what someone posted on Facebook. We have an event coming up or have to make sure you rsvp to your friends birthday, emails, SMS, Snapchat. The list goes on and on.

How technology affects us

There was a time before technology got as advanced as it is,

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I Was Caught Up In My Head

Do you feel like there’s something missing, like when you’re talking to someone? Then you notice you don’t know what that is, it just doesn’t feel right?

I remember many times when I was with my partner, and she’d tell me that I wasn’t there with her. This one time, we just had an awesome date: movies, dinner, talking about our week and she said it to me… I was thinking to myself,

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I Was Overthinking Everything

Most of my life I was caught up in my head, stuck into a computer kind of, looking at the wall for different words that were code, like some sort of logical thing that I could think my way around that I could, approach of people as though they were computers. That was really the only way I thought that I could communicate to people. I was completely missing the emotional component the, the connection,

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