I Used To Have Impossible Standards

Do you find it almost impossible to feel like you’ve done a good job? If you get praise from a friend or work colleague, do you brush it aside? Is nothing you do ever good enough for YOU? Having impossible standards and in many cases not even knowing what your standards are, can be a constant source of pain. On one hand you want praise and recognition and on the other hand you push it away,

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I Was Filled With Regret

Mornings for me used to be hitting the snooze button and trying to stay in bed as long as possible, fantasising about how life could’ve been. That was way easier than facing the day. I just wanted to escape the monotony of getting up, going to work, going home, watching TV and going to bed.

I remember there being certain moments in my life that I could’ve made a change and I didn’t.

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Never Give Up!

Why is it that other people keep going, and I just want to give up? It’s easier to sit on the couch, rather than getting up and going on a date. Sometimes, it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

I never realised that I was resilient. I felt weak and like my life was going round in circles. When things got tough, I felt like stopping. I remember asking ‘Why me?’ ‘Why does it seem like everyone else is in a relationship,

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