I Used To Be Lonely

I used to feel alone almost all the time. Even in public.You know that saying “lonely in a crowd”? That was how I felt. Have you ever felt that when you’re by yourself, you just don’t feel content? Even if you’re an introvert like I am, even though you might like to have your own space, sometimes it can feel lonely. Have you ever been out to dinner with friends, a family gathering or hanging out in the break room at work,

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Every Day Used to Be Hard

I know that life isn’t meant to be easy, but I really used to struggle every day. I’d struggle to get out of bed every morning or go to work in a job I didn’t enjoy. I was shy and found it hard to meet new people. I wanted to be dating, but that was just too much to handle.

Once in a blue moon I’d get the courage to go on a date,

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Never Give Up!

Why is it that other people keep going, and I just want to give up? It’s easier to sit on the couch, rather than getting up and going on a date. Sometimes, it feels like you’re getting nowhere.

I never realised that I was resilient. I felt weak and like my life was going round in circles. When things got tough, I felt like stopping. I remember asking ‘Why me?’ ‘Why does it seem like everyone else is in a relationship,

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Overcoming Loneliness

Do you feel lonely? Have you ever been surrounded by people but you don’t feel like you connect with them, whether they are friends from school or from work or even family? What they’re saying doesn’t really resonate with you anymore?

Have you started wondering that the way you live life, the people you hang out with, the activities you do, used to make sense, but it feels like maybe it doesn’t make so much sense anymore?

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It Was Ok To Be Vulnerable?

Have you ever felt like your life was just going through the motions? That you are spending way too much time on your days; which are drifting by, floating away… Sometimes you are doing the things that others around you suggest you should do. Just because it is ‘expected.’ On and on it goes… following trends, exhausting yourself; because it is expected of you. The worst part is that – on the outside; everyone thinks you are exceptionally happy,

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